Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual (PSCRM) - 34th Edition
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Effective Date:Jun 1, 2014 until May 31, 2015
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All the rules and regulations that have been universally agreed upon by airlines to process passengers and baggage in the international interline environment are contained in this manual.

It includes procedures for reservations, passenger and baggage check-in and ticket issuance, specifications for baggage tag and ticketing and various multilateral interline agreements and other passenger traffic-related regulations.

New in the 34th edition :
• Full EDIFACT messaging manuals, editable Electronic Ticket and Electronic Miscellaneous Documents glossaries and messaging matrices.
• Recommmended Practice 1724 General Conditions of Carriage (Passenger and Baggage) is rescinded;
•Ticketing of stopover surcharges in the fare calculation is revised (see Resolution 722);
•A new Glossary Applicability Reference Table is added to the Data Elements Glossary in order to make it easier to determine which elements appear in which ticketing message (see Resolution 722f CD-ROM);
•Generic Reason for Issuance Sub-Codes for general industry usage have been added (see Resolution 722f Attachment A CD-ROM);
•The Data Elements Glossary, together with all the electronic ticketing and electronic miscellaneous documents messaging matrices, are completely revised and reformatted. In addition they are published in electronic format only on the enclosed CD-ROM (see Resolutions 722f, 722g, 722h, 725f, 725g and 725h CD-ROM);
•A new fourth cabin class to identify 'Premium Economy' is added (see Resolutions 728, 725d and Recommended Practice 1008);
•A new payment card code to identify electronic funds transfers using mobile telephones is added (see Resolution 728);
•A new card brand for domestic usage in Brazil is added (see Resolution 728);
•Optional change procedures for the exchange/reissue of electronic miscellaneous documents are added (see Resolution 736);
•The form of interline bag tag is edited for the correct representation of the 10 digit license plate. Examples of home printed baggage tags and permanent baggage tags are added (see Resolution 740);
•The provision of dangerous goods notices for what cannot be carried in passengers' baggage is made mandatory (see Resolution 745);
•A new resolution is introduced providing procedures regarding the data to be provided for an electronic baggage receipt and allows formats without claim portions (see Resolution 752);
•A new resolution is introduced providing procedures on how to maintain an accurate inventory of baggage being tracked through systems (see Resolution 753);
•Procedures are added for carriers to advise acceptance of their interline partner's interline electronic miscellaneous documents and at the same time opt out of accepting interline paper excess baggage tickets and MCO's (see Resolutions 780 and 780e);
•Clarifications are added to make it clear who is responsible for sharing baggage claims (see Resolution 780);
•The Auxiiliary (AUX) element is removed from a number of DCS passenger messages (see Recommended Practices 1707a, 1707b, 1708, 1715, 1719, 1719a and 1719b);
•A new category 'CHGTO' is added to the PFS message to identify passengers transferred from another flight (see Recommended Practice 1719);
•A number of standard traffic document form codes are re-assigned to neutral electronic miscellaneous documents (see Recommended Practice 1720a);
•New specifications are established for the provision of web services to support business requirements for a common use self-service bag drop process (see Recommended Practice 1741);
•New guidelines and best practices are introduced for the use of a baggage broker (see Recommended Practice 1752);
•Reservations guidelines are amended to add the provision of contact information to facilitate better service to passengers and to provide notification for irregular operations (see Recommended Practices 1708 and 1770);
•A new Recommended Practice is established to provide guidelines for the reservations, sales and delivery of additional services using an EMD in interline E-ticket scenarios (see Recommended Practice 1790a);
•Provisions for Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) are added for the Common Use Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS) (see Recommended Practice 1797).

The PSCRM comes with a value-added CD-ROM that features an electronic version of the manual (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) to facilitate searching by use of key words.

Published annually in English.

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