e-Composite - Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conference Resolutions Manual Electronic
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Effective Date:Apr 1, 2014 until Mar 31, 2015
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The ‘Composite Manuals’ provide the most up to date Tariff Resolutions divided into five different important pillars: Common Industry Definitions – Provides common understanding and standard application of the fare-related definitions applicable to the Resolutions of the Passenger Tariff Coordination Conferences. Mileage Principles - Establishes a standard application of mileage. Fare Construction Principles - Fare construction rules for journeys, pricing units, fare components and fare construction checks. Common Currency Application - Common currency standards, such as codes and rounding rules for fare construction application and interlining. Interline Baggage Acceptance Rules - Standard conditions for Interline baggage acceptance, free baggage allowance standards and regulations from where members could deviate if commercially deemed necessary. Administrative Resolutions – Contains Resolutions to facilitate and explain the Government filing procedures for any adopted IATA package. It now includes the outstanding government approvals.

The ‘Composite Manuals’ are available in electronic version in combination with the subscription to the online library. It provides the user with monthly updates to always have the latest information at hand. It is also available in published version.


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