Airport, ATC and Fuel Charges Monitor - 50% Coverage (Medium)
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Effective Date:Sep 1, 2015 until Feb 28, 2018
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Your single source for up-to-date charges information worldwide

This new, fully integrated resource gathers and displays all stakeholder charges, fees and taxes - providing a truly global perspective to help make sound decisions.

The subscription is 12 months, starting from the day you receive access.

Please note that fuel charges are not part of this subscription and can be found under Fuel fees and Charges Database.

Key Features & Benefits
Daily updates, weekly summaries
Rapid online access, worldwide, 24 hours a day
Fully searchable, exportable, and printable data and customizable reports
Multiple queries by region, country, airport, charge type and date
Create country and airport overviews to sort, print or export to excel
Issue a complete pdf manual of the latest information at any time you like
Subscribe to the IATA Airport, ATC and Fuel Charges Monitor for instant access to all these benefits and more.

Choose the customized data package that best suit your needs:
Full coverage global (100% of the data)
Medium coverage your choice of four regions* (50% of the data)
Light coverage your choice of two regions* (30% of data)

Email us for more information or view the demo at the left hand site

Please note that Fuel Charges will not be part of your subscription and are only accessible under a new product called IATA Fuel Fees and Charges Database available under this link:
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