Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM) - Single User License
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For more than 40 years, the Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM) has defined excellence in airport design for thousands of users worldwide. Now, IATA, in collaboration with ACI, is making a great standard even better. The 10th Edition ADRM has been completely redesigned with new features in an interactive CD-ROM application (Single User License)!

The 1st roll-out was launched in March 2014, with a second roll-out made available in December 2014 and the 3rd one in August 2015. Order before the fouth roll out (planned for Q3 2016) and save $90 off the purchase price. That's right, US$900 instead of US$990. Discounts are also available for IATA Members, Strategic Partners and ACI Members.

The standout changes in the new ADRM 10th edition include:
Redesigned Levels of Service (LoS) framework to be simpler and easier to understand and apply
Modernized capacity calculations to reflect the new LoS framework
A completely restructured and revised manual for faster, easier reference
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Updated and clear recommendations

The ADRM is a global product and is used by a wide range of professional teams such as: Airport Planners, Airlines, Airports, Architects, Structural and Mechanical Engineers, Airport Consultants, Airport Security Planners, Government Authorities and Airport Authorities.

New format benefits:
Easily download new content when published (subsequent roll-outs are free for early adopters)
Access the ADRM anytime, anywhere on your laptop
Search for key words and customize your copy
Use hyperlinks to quickly move between sections
Links to many other relevant resources

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