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25th Edition available now, effective 1 December 2013.

Reservations rules and procedures are easier to understand with this reference and training manual illustrated with real-life, easy-to-follow examples.

Essential for new trainees or a refresher for reservations agents already on the job, it contains all internationally agreed upon reservations, rules and interline reservations message procedures and addresses every possible reservations scenario.

All of the products and services that can compose a customer's entire journey are today being distributed through a number of marketing channels, utilizing professional agents and personal data services. This manual also explores the relationship and technology that exists amongst airlines, customers, marketing media and service provides.

This manual is a great supplement to the Reservations Interline Message Procedures - Passenger (AIRIMP), for a much broader understanding, usage and acceptance of standard reservations procedures, and to enable airlines and other travel industry organizations to conduct their everyday business in the most efficient and economical manner with a more effective response to customers.

The benefits of the Adobe Acrobat PDF Entreprise version for your organization are:
- Ability to search by key words
- Print specific sections
- Permission for unlimited distribute within your company

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