2014 Combined Cargo Conference CD-ROM (eCCC)
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Edition:9th Edition
Effective Date:Oct 1, 2014 until Sep 30, 2015
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The Combined Cargo Conferennce (CCC) combines both the Cargo Agency Conference Resolutions Manual (CACRM) as well as the Cargo Services Conference Resolutions Manual (CSCRM) into one CD-ROM. The CCC comprises of comprehensive information on Air Waybill standards (including technical specifications, completion instructions and conditions of contract), Model EDI Agreement for electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB), Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement for cargo, standards for labels and tags (including bar coded and non-bar coded labels), cargo security standards (including standard consignment security declaration), ULD registration and identification standards. Also includes in the CCC:

All Conference resolutions and recommended practices.
Industry standards that will help you to ensure accurate and efficient processing of shipments.

CACRM - This Manual contains all resolutions issued by the Cargo Agency Conference and its subgroups. This edition includes all amendments adopted at the most recent Cargo Agency Conference.

CSCRM - This manual contains all resolutions and recommended practices issued by the Cargo Services Conference and its subgroups. This edition of the manual includes those amendments adopted at the at the most recent Cargo Services Conference.


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